312 W. Marion Street
Shelby, North Carolina 28150

Phone: 704-480-5569

How does CIS make a difference?

We motivate students at risk of dropping out of school to make positive life choices that lead to graduation. Communities in Schools offers three tiers of support. The objective is to increase success for high to moderate need students by delivering and coordinating integrated student support that addresses Attendance, Behavior, Coursework and Parent/Family Engagement, also referred to as the ABC+P framework. This framework is based on research conducted by experts at John Hopkins University and reflects the best predictors of student success. We intervene early to find out why students are missing school. We believe that one-on-one relationships and interventions that are proven effective are among ways to encourage positive behavior. We seek to discover the reasons for below average coursework by working with students to remove barriers to classroom success. We work with EVERYONE to change the picture of education for our students. Family engagement is crucial to overall student success. Our ultimate goal as partners with the Cleveland County School District is that upon graduation, every student be enlisted, enrolled, or employed.

Our Impact – 2021-2022 Results

  • Six schools were served (two middle schools and four high schools)
  • 426 students received targeted/intensive supports
  • 78 students received targeted/intensive supports with an Attendance Goal
  • 18 students received targeted/intensive supports with a Behavioral Goal
  • 375 students received targeted/intensive supports with a Coursework Goal
  • 98% Graduation Rate for high school seniors enrolled in CIS
  • 79 volunteers provided 1,786 hours of service to CIS on behalf of students